Sunday, March 30, 2008


Are you scared of the big snake? Watch this big snake eating with a big cow... This picture is from the friend of my hubby she send it too me
and i am very interested on this picture..

This picture is from Western Australia .
It's is a snake pulling a cow out of the water.
Talk about a man eater!

Beware Of A Big Snake!!!!


Wind Mill said...

Hi Angel,
That's an amazing photo capture! Gosh, that snake is H-U-G-E!!! I am dead scared of snakes. Once I was camping with a group in the hills. One of the lads caught a live snake, had it sealed in a transparent polythene bag and when they returned, he threw the bag at me. I was sick with a raging fever from night till the next day from that frightful incident.
I will create a folder in my blog menu to place blog links - yours will be there :)
p.s. - thank you for visiting my blog.

Emmett said...

its an australian python!
i was in Karijini national park in the north west of western australia.
they had this picture laminated and left on the counter of the eco-lodge in the national park, i asked the Aboriginal lady that was working there but she couldnt look at the picture let alone tell me anything about it because all snakes are sacred animals to the Aboriginal people.

It does look like a cow at a glance but take a closer look and you'll see that its a large kangaroo, you can tell by the small fore arms/shoulders and wide tail

he probably fell in and died and since snakes are scavengers, mr.python came along and fished him out. :)

The picture was taken quite a while before hand before i was there and i was actually swimming in the gorge that this pic was taken while i was there!

Karijini national park is an amazing and beautiful place and well work a visit.

theres a lot of other wildlife there aswell, i saw a multitude of lizards and spiders while there, and kangaroos of course!

really glad i found this pic, i couldnt get a good copy of it from the laminated one i saw :)