Saturday, April 5, 2008

Key Chain From Genny

This key chain is given from Genny,she give it to me as our souvenier..It has a name in that chain the name of my husband and mine..Its very nice and i really like it.. Genny is very nice to me and she is the only Filipina that i've met here in US.I am new here in this place and she teach me how to be strong to face my new journey..She is also the one who teach me how to make money by blogging and i hope so it will works coz its really hard to stay on this place without your own income,coz i need to have on so that i can send some money to my family in Philippines.. But Genny was already went home to their place in North Carolina..I really thank you alot Genny for helping me...I really miss you and your little angel Chris...

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genny said...

oy kasweet sa iya ok ra na oy. Ok ra mi diri sa balay. Pag-ayo2 diha.. God bless.

naa napod ko tag nimo makita dinhi