Monday, April 21, 2008

I can't believe it

Do you believe on this?I just received an email this morning and they said that i was the lucky winner...They also give me their contact name and their email address...Wow so cool if its really true right?And its very funny whose crazy people giving you that big amount of money...And this are they said to their email..

You won the sum of £1,000,000,00 from our yearly PROGRAME, you are hereby advice to get back to us, to claim your prize.

Claims Requirements:

1.Full Names:
2.Home Address:
4.Phone Number:

Now can you give me your opinion for that if we need to believe them or not? if you are in my situation what should you do?...


mirage2g said...

I receive these emails a lot. These kinds are spam emails honey...they get your information and it won't be good, report it as spam =) Some of those would be a means for them to still your forget that... =)

prcber said...

this kind of email is surely a spam..
whenver i receive email like this or emails such as bank transfer or deposit from Africa,.. I'm always deleting it unhesitatingly..

taker care of your personal detail.. don't give it to those you don't know..

that for the comment..

and i have one more thing to say, mind if we link exchange.. :)..

thanks in advance..

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thanks a million and have a nice day kabayan...

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thanks again.

Euroangel said...

immediately delete this in your mail or better click you don't receive to again..i got the same but how can you win if you didn't enter too..that's the sense there..

how are you??visiting here again...please add my new other blogs...
added you there already!!! let me know if you're done adding..
thanks a lot...have a great day!!
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