Friday, April 18, 2008

A Cosstitch From Friend

I'ts a very nice crosstitch right?You know what,i like it very much...This Crosstitch is from a couple friend of my hubby,they give it to us as our wedding gift.We just only received it by the mail coz they only sent it thru the post office and since until now i still didn't meet them yet...But i still want to thank you to them even we did not meet to each other but they very kind to us...Thank you very much friend...Hope to see both of you very soon...


shimumsy said...

thanks for the visit. i already added you hope you do likewise.
have a great day.

A Simple Life said...

congratulations! it's really nice to get gifts like this, labor of love talaga. i used to give xstitched projects to my friends too, but when i started blogging... no time for xstitch na hehe.

happy monday!